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Is that a Cake? Yep! Its all cake! All of our cakes are baked with quality ingredients allowing us to produce a moist and flavorful work of art. We stack, tort, fill and sometimes sculpt our cakes. We specialize in Sharpe edged, neat cakes. 

How much time is required to place custom cake orders? We  suggest placing your order 4-6 weeks prior to your event date.  However, there are instances when we can create last minute cakes. We also offer cakes on our website that can be made within 72hrs. 

How do I place a custom Cake order? You can place a custom cake order by falling out our "Custom Cake Inquiry Form". We will reply within 48 hours Tuesday- Thursday. We will work with your budget and design ideas to create  your cake. Your order is placed, once a contract is signed and a 50% deposit is collected.  All cake order deposits must be when contract is sign with the remaining balance payment completed 7 days prior to cake pickup/delivery.

How much are the cakes? Pricing is determined by unique variables, including- serving size and custom design.
Our custom cakes start at $125 (approximately 10-12 servings) Larger more intricate cakes start at $150 and up. Cupcakes start at $36 per dozen, Cake pops and chocolate covered Oreos at $36 a dozen, and so forth. We offer competitive pricing when cakes and treats are booked in packages. 

Does DreaCakesNYC sell cakes to go? No, However, we do offer less intricate cakes on our website.  

What are the most popular flavors? Vanilla, Confetti, and Red Velvet are our most popular flavors!

Does DreaCakesNYC offer gluten-free, egg-free or vegan products? We are currently in the kitchen working on recipes to be able to offer these products. 

Do you deliver? Yes, our delivery charges start at $50 in Queens and Brooklyn. Deliveries to the Bronx, Manhattan, and S.I start at $65 . New Jersey and beyond start at $85. Our delivery charge start at $20 in Albany and increases by distance. 

Does DreaCakesNYC offer classes? Yes!!!! We love teaching! Stay tuned!